clip segment or model along a plane

I would like to clip a segment along a plane to see the internal structure of the both part of the clipped segment. With surface cut, I have difficulty to obtain a plane for the cut and I did not find a way to see the both part of the plane cut.
By converting the segment to a model and using ModelClip, I have the ability to see both part of the clipped model but the surface are not rendered the way I would like. They disappear according to the angle of view. I guess that it may come from the model that is only surface and not solid inside (in Meshmixer there is an option : make solid to see correctly after a plane cut).

You can use Scissors effect. The last curve segment is always straight and you can also choose rectangular cutting shape. This will keep the structure solid.

If you export to model (surface mesh) and cut it then the model won’t be closed anymore. Enable rendering of both sides (inside and outside) of the surface in Models module.


I was able to obtain the desired effect with the scissors but it is not very convenient when I have to redefine the plane cut (see the segment_cut picture) . The modelclip module is more effecient for that. However, with the option of visible sides : all, I see both inside and outside surface but it is not closed at the section as it is with segment. Is there a way to create a model that looks like the segment cut ?

You can crop the volume with a ROI before segmentation.
And the surface quality is associated with the resolution of DICOM of CTA