Tangent plane to a centerline

Is there any way to obtain planes tangent to a centerline?


is it possible to obtain tangent planes to a centerline in a similar way that perpendicular plane when using cross-section analysis?

I’ve added a second (“longitudinal”) slice to Cross-section analysis module in SlicerVMTK extension. It will be available for the Slicer Preview Release tomorrow.

Alternatively, you can use the Endoscopy module to create a reslicing transform along a curve. That transform can be used for driving a slice view (normal and tangent directions), using “Volume reslice driver” module in SlicerIGT extension.

Thanks for the addition of the longitudinal view. I am trying to get orthogonal planes, but “axial” and “long” planes are not so by default. I can manage to adjust the longitudinal plane manually to obtain a perpendicular plane but is there any way to obtain orthogonal planes automatically?

Is it possible to avoid “endoscopic 3d view” in Endoscopy module? So I can view where the plane is instead of going inside?
Example: this view


Many thanks :smiley:

Regarding avoidind endoscopy 3d view: Already done that deleting the current camera in module “cameras”.

The views are always orthogonal and longitudinal (tangential), the additional sliders are just for specifying the additional degrees of freedoms for rotations (orientation of the view up vector in slice view and rotation of the curve normal vector).

Depending on the resolution of the input image and radius of the extracted vessel, the centerline may be noisy. You can fix that by resampling the curve with less control points (10-20?) in Markups module’s Resample section.

You can go to Cameras module, create a new camera, and then choose this new camera in Endoscopy module. This will effectively disable the camera animation, because the new camera is not used in any 3D view,