The ".fcsv" file generated by the cli cannot be load by Slicer

I had developed an CLI, which finally outputs a point list into a fcsv file. The xml of CLI is written like “<pointfile fileExtensions=”.fcsv" coordinateSystem=“lps”><name>node</name><label>points</label><longflag>file</longflag><channel>output</channel></pointfile>"

However, Slicer cannot load it automatically and report following errors:
"vtkMRMLMarkupsJsonStorageNode::ReadDataInternal:Error parsing the file’/tmp/Slicer-deep/HJEFE_vtkMRMLMarkupsFiducialNodeB.fcsv

vtkMRMLStorageNode::ReadData:Failed to read node from file name '/tmp/Slicer-deep/HJEFE_vtkMRMLMarkupsFiducialNodeB.fcsv"

Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks!

See an example of a CLI module producing markup file as output here. I would recommend to use .mrk.json format instead of the legacy .fcsv file, as the json file format is much more robust and flexible.

It works! Many thanks!

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