There are some problems with the Windows version

Thank you for providing us with a great program called 3D slicer for free.

There are some problems with the Windows version.

This is the same problem with MSI, ASUS gaming laptop, and high-performance PC.(window 10 pro)

  • Version 4.10.2 does not have an editor. <-Unable to make tensor image.


  • There is no slicerDcm2nii in the 4.11.x version coming out after June 2020.

  • Install SlicerDMRI extension is currently unavailable. <- Installation is possible, but there is no change.

  • The program terminates in sliderDMRI loading while loading the Dicom file.<- If uninstall the sliderDMRI, can load it normally.

  • When start the 3D slider:
    There are other DICOM listener running.
    Do you want to end them?
    There is an error.

I would like to express my infinite gratitude to those who make this program.

This other thread(linked below) has a lot of good details about this that can help guide you.

Are you saying the SlicerDcm2nii extension is unavailable on the extensions manager? Or after you install it, it doesn’t function/you can’t use it? It might be this issue related to the time you check for the extension.

As it relates to SlicerDMRI, it looks like code maintenance on it hasn’t been that frequent over the past year so there is likely a good chance that extension could be broken or breaking other things.

  • It appears many tests are failing for it because it is trying to look for testing datasets within the Slicer source code that have been moved to SlicerTestingData (Update broken testing data usage · Issue #130 · SlicerDMRI/SlicerDMRI · GitHub)
  • On Windows there are build errors building a test which look familiar to what me and @Sam_Horvath ran into during the transition to using an updated Visual studio toolkit. We ended up just disabling the tests which could probably be done again in the short term to fix the build issue.

@lassoan might know more about this topic, but you can disable it by pasting this code in the Slicer python console and then restart."DICOM/RunListenerAtStart", False)

I have put up a pull request on SlicerDMRI to disable the broken tests.

[quote=“jamesobutler, post:2, topic:12484”]

This means that DCMTK toolkit’s DICOM store SCP process (storescp.exe) is running. If you haven’t started it and you haven’t installed any other software that uses it then most likely 3D Slicer started it, because you enabled it in the DICOM module. In Slicer-4.11, you can enable/disable it by clicking on “Storage listener” checkbox in DICOM module’s networking section.