Thresholding in DRR Image Computation module

Hi Slicer community,

Is the “Hounsfield unit threshold” applied in the “Plastimatch DRR image processing” submenu in the DRR Image Computation module represented in the “Plastimatch DRR command arguments (read only)” field?

This is a great functionality and it seems to be missing from the Plastimatch DRR documentation.

No, it isn’t. It’s not a plastimatch feature, so it’s absent in the docs. It’s a part of “DRR generation” CLI module. The threshold filter is applied before any plastimatch drr functionality, some sort of preprocessing of original CT data if needed. May be something like than can be done with plastimatch adjust command, but i have never tried.

Plastimatch adjust worked perfectly! Thank you for the recommendation (and to Greg Sharp in the Plastimatch Google group).

For all those interested, --pw-linear “-inf,0,66,-1000,67,67,inf,1” maps all input intensities below 66 to -1000 and maps all values above 66 to themselves. Basically, like setting the thresholder slider in 3D Slicer to 66.