Tips and Tricks for creating VOI from ADC maps

Dear wonderful Slicer community-

Can anyone give me some advise to speed my learning curve. I have a 80 ADC maps from babies and want to manually create a new volume that contains my drawn annotation of viably abnormal voxels.

Step 1: Open the ADC volume in Slicer
Step 2: ???

Many thanks!

Operating system: MacBook Pro running Sierra
Slicer version: 4.8.1
Expected behavior: unsure what to expect but guess it will be awesome
Actual behavior: TSTT- still downloading

Hey, welcome to the forum @RandyGollub ! (For those who don’t know her personally, Randy is a real neuroscience pro and a friend so I’ll also help her get started but advice from the forum is more than welcome).

To answer your question:
Step 1. drag and drop file on slicer to load
Step 2. open segment editor, add a segment and start drawing
Step 3. save as a nii file

(There are for sure some non-obvious substeps but that’s the basic idea).

Maybe start by watching this video:

In terms of tutorials, Sonia’s “General Introduction” slides should be good for reference:

Also you’ll want to look through the Segment Editor documentation: