Total segmentation 2 coronary arteries

Dear support, is it possibile to have a example file of total segmentation results (including dicom images) for coronary arteries?

I did this quickly on some sample data, I hope it helps

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I exported videos of the result for easier viewing:

The CT scan is an old one and not very good resolution (1.15 x 1.15 x 2mm), so probably on a more modern CT you would get much finer details.

Thank you very much. I also followed this video ( for coronary vessel segmentation on cardiac CT images. Volume rendering model does not update interactively with ROI. At 1.16’, the volume in my case is not updated. can you please suggest me a solution?Thanks

To make the output of mask volume effect visible in 3D, you need to hide volume rendering of the original (non-masked) volume and show volume rendering of the new masked volume.