TotalSegmentator error at first run: Command ...Python\Scripts\TotalSegmentator... returned non-zero exit status 120

Thanks for your comment, @wasserth. I believe the weights are just at the “TOTALSEG_WEIGHTS_PATH” independent of 3D Slicer.

In Windows 11 I find the “3d_fullres” folder only once at


after a successful TotalSegmentator install.

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thank you very much
and I have just find the path like you described and I run the source TotalSegment code in linux and the path was ’ :~/.totalsegmentator/nnunet/results/nnUNet/3d_fullres’.
and I have just put the weight zip files unzip there. the code run well , and the results were amazing
thank you.

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That’s right! Thank you very much!