Tractography - bad quality

Id like to ask you about resolution of my images. Sorry about my English We take MRI with tractography, GE machine. I saw the tractography made of this research and it looked good. Id like to build it in slicer, but I cant.
I import data without any problems, I use converter DICOM-NRRD from DRMI package, save data as nrrd. I followed the tutorial “how to ….”
I have a problem with image resolution. I tried different directions COR, AX, SAG without success.
Here is link to data series (anonymised)
and screenshot from slicer
Could you help me and tell how to improve quality of tractography?2019-03-17-Scene

Grrrrr, I send bad exam, this is correct


Hello. I’m sorry about the late response. The reason this has happened is most likely that DWIConvert is not properly handling your diffusion MRI scan. We have a new module that will be available to use the DCM2nii tool within Slicer. This will become available in the nightly build version of Slicer. However, there have been some internal code updates to Slicer so we need to adapt SlicerDMRI to these for it to become available again in the nightly.

In the meantime, it is possible to use the software dcm2niix to convert from a large variety of DWI DICOM files to nifti and now also nrrd formats. Please see more information from Chris_Rorden here: