Transformation questions, reset plane angle when adjust another one[possible bug]

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I just downloaded the Slicer 5.2.2 r31382 / fb46bd1 for mac. I noticed now if I apply the transformation to a volume. It only allows adjusting one plane at a time instead of multiple planes at the same time as before. I wonder if this is a new feature or a potential bug.


Is this regarding rotation? See the below note which has been in the documentation for awhile, but wasn’t appropriately being enforced and in Slicer 5.2.2 is now being enforced.

  • Note: Linear transform edit sliders only show relative translation and rotation because a transformation can be achieved using many different series of transforms. To make this clear to users, only one transform slider can be non-zero at a time (all previously modified sliders are reset to 0 when a slider is moved). The only exception is translation sliders in “translate first” mode (i.e., when translation in global/local coordinate system button is not depressed): in this case there is a only one way how a specific translation can be achieved, therefore transform sliders are not reset to 0. An rotating dial widget would be a more appropriate visual representation of the behavior than sliders, but slider is chosen because it is a standard widget and users are already familiar with it.
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@jamesobutler Thank you for the clarification!

@jamesobutler following the topic on the translation I wonder if the development team is considering adding the feature where user could specify the step size in the translation used.

Most spinboxes don’t have a UI control for the singleStep property. There could be a possibility of a change that works best in most cases or having it be dynamic based on some other property.

Of course you can also utilize the python console to grab the spinbox of interest and set the singleStep to your desired value.

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There is also the accelerated property where holding down the increment will then speed up so that it increases/decreases faster.

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