Transforms module feature request

I have two request for Transforms module:

  1. While I can enable the visibility and 3D interaction of the transform in the Data module, I can’t seem to change the type of the interaction (rotate only, translate only, scale on/off) without having to go to the Transform module and expand the display option.
  2. The widgets are not informative. I can’t visually tell whether I grabbed the little handle bar, or I am rotating or trying to scale.

The markups interaction widgets, particularly ROI one is great and solves both problems. Is it possible to adopt that for the transform interactions as well?

Yes, we’ll need to update the transforms displayable manager to use the same style widgets as for markups, and not just in 3D but in 2D as well

@Sunderlandkyl as far as I remember you have already done some work on this - was it just moving the widget base classes for these widgets out of markups module, or you went further than that?

@muratmaga Would you have resources (developer time or funding) to contribute to the implementation?

We may be able to contribute. @Sunderlandkyl could you weigh in on what still needs to be done so we can see if it’s feasible?

I made an effort a year or so ago to refactor the transform widgets to support transforming arbitrary nodes through a new DisplayableManager in the MRML core.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked into it, let me take a look into the previous work and figure out a plan.