Remaking transform module

i wish the transform model would adopt the same improvement in interacting with markups as in the screenshot. The way transform module operation is not helpful at all.

Transforms module was already very helpful as it was - probably you meant that in your specific workflow you would also want to have visual editing of transforms. The good news is that @sunderlandkyl has already implemented it. You can edit transforms (and therefore move/rotate/scale any node) using the same handles as you use for moving around markups. We just wanted a few more touchups before announcing the feature, but it is already available in recent Slicer Preview Releases.

of course, that is what I meant. i can only speak for my purposes
my main issues with it were
1 rotational movement was and still is confusing to me, axial rotational movement for example ends up in a sagittal direction and such.
2 if I needed to modify a linear transform it would go back to the initial, not from the last position. which I wouldn’t say I liked to deal with. Sometimes I need to tweak the transformation a bit. but I had to repeat the whole transformation. for my purposes, it’s not a simple process to get position to where I want since I do complex head positioning
3 some rotation movement has an origin that’s not at center of volume