Transition to Git


Current status associated with the transition is documented here on the Slicer wiki.

On of the task is to take that opportunity to filter the history and remove the large object (aka files) so that checking out the Slicer source tree is very fast.

To identify the large blobs, a script was created.

Output looks like this:

$ cd Slicer
$ 350
        size    pack_size sha                                      location
       55MiB        55MiB 2cadcca7dd65c008c03ca0786ed3b02ad86cc900 Modules/Meshing/Testing/Data/CA05042124RFinal.img.gz
       22MiB       4.9MiB 56760af8680e9ff7e857a97b384fb9c0b974ea11 Modules/Meshing/Testing/Data/lumbar_smoothed_04075.stl
       15MiB       4.6MiB 0b64a9fbd9a0b02f65c726da71b7128013b94e3a Modules/CLI/RigidRegistration/Data/Baseline/RigidRegistrationTest02.nrrd
       13MiB        13MiB d8ffda6d56ebd27758e54d3550dd64ff362a9589 Applications/CLI/BRAINSTools/BRAINSCommonLib/TestData/OutDefField_orientedImage.nii.gz

The complete list is here.

After identifying the files to remove, there are few possible approaches that will present in a later post.

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