Unable to clear all control points at once, goes by threes?

I only just recent updated my 3DSlicer to 5.0.3, and I was very excited to start using the control point template feature. However. I have found that if I highlight all the fiducials and click the “Clear the position of highlighted control points” button, it does not clear them all. In fact, it clears all but every third landmark. Considering I am doing curve semilandmarks, it is incredibly inconvenient to scroll through and clear each third landmark manually. How do I fix this? Has anyone else encountered this?

I was not able to reproduce this. Could you record your screen while you are doing it and post the video here? (if the video is longer then what is allowed to be posted then you can upload the file to dropbox, onedrive, google drive, etc. and post just the link here)

I have also included the two files in question:

EDIT: I apologize, I forgot to update the sharing settings. It’s fixed now.

Sorry, I can’t reproduce this behavior with the same version either. If you restart your Slicer session, does the behavior persist?

I was able to replicate this issue with Slicer 5.0.3 by following the video. It happens specifically when the “Coordinates” option is set to “Hide”. The issue does not occur when the “Coordinates” option is something like “World”.


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Ok thanks. yes, I can replicate with hidden coordinates even with a preview build. So it is still there.

@Maria_Feiler meanwhile (until this is fixed in a new version), if you just display coordinates it will work as intended.

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Thank you, everyone! I appreciate all your effort.

Could someone please add an issue to the bugtracker to make sure we address this? We’ll need to rework the control point list widget to become a standalone, reusable widget (like the simple markups widget) and as part of that work well address this issue, too.

I can add it. I’ll include my video as well as a video showing it’s fix.

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I’ve issued a PR with an attempted fix:

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