Unable to compute the ferret diameter on segmentation from totalsegmentator


I did the following step :

  1. Load “CT Chest” from the sample data module

  2. Segment it using totalsegmentator (task total, fast mode activated)

  3. Compute the statistic using the “Segment Statistics” module, it’s a success

  4. Enable the statistics “Ferret Diameter mm” in Advanced >Labelmap Statistics. Slicer runs indefinitely without raising an error.

If I create my segmentation by right-clicking the volume and doing " Segment this …", I can calculate the ferret diameter

I tried on version 5.6.0 and 5.6.2 and I got the error in both cases
If it’s a known issue and a fix is already available, I would gladly use it.

It may just take a long time to compute for a complex segment.

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You’re right, :smiley:
I did a test using only the “spleen” segment from totalsegmentator and the computation completed

I’m surprised that the computation time increases that much with the volume of the segment.

Anyway, thank you so much and sorry for bothering you with such a simple question :sweat_smile:

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No problem - glad it’s working for you :+1: