Unable to create a new sequence


(Tom Jainey) #1

Hi ,Sorry for posting this again.
I am trying to create new sequence out of several multivolume sequences.
I have about 3-5 frames in each multivolume sequence that I want to play back together.
I ve selected the first sequence as the active node in the sequences module and added subsequent sequences on to that by left arrow key.

My problems

  1. The subsequent sequences does not show all the frames , they get sent to the left hand box as one single entity, not as separate frames.
    2.When I play back , it only show the original sequence, the second one is not added

Thank you very much

(Andras Lasso) #2

Would you like to concatenate them into a long sequence or replay them in sync?

Have you loaded the .nrrd files as MultiVolume nodes or as Volume Sequence nodes (using Sequences extension)? A .nrrd file is loaded by default as MultiVolume - you need to choose “Volume Sequence” in the “Description” column to load it as a Volume Sequence that you can edit in Sequences module. You can make a .nrrd file loaded as Volume Sequence by default, by changing the file extension from .nrrd to .seq.nrrd.

(Tom Jainey) #3

Thank you very much Prof Lasso @lassoan. Yes I am im trying to concatenate them into a long sequence.

I have loaded them as a volume sequence, not as .nrrd.
Is it possible to do it while keeping this as a volume sequence.
Actually I want to make a long sequence out of output volume frames that are resulted by sequence registration.
Any advice please. Thanks

(Andras Lasso) #4

To concatenate sequences, probably the simplest is to load all the sequences into the scene and then copy-paste this script into the Python console.

(Tom Jainey) #5

Thank you very much Prof@lassoan