Unable to show DVH

Hi all

Upon loading my dose dicom in my slicer, I am able to compute DVH and show the dvh curve of my tumor target.

However, I tried computing the dvh for OAR for eg. Brainstem, it computes and showed the volume and intensity values. However, the graph does not show anything.

I had tried exporting the dvh to csv file, but it showed no values.

Can anyone please advice!

Thank you!

First of all, please use a recent nightly, because 4.10.2 is two years old.

Second, if you open the individual structure list, then the DVH is calculated for the structure you have selected. It is usually better to calculate all.

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Hi Csaba

I found the issue which is if there is negative values in the dicom, it will stop it from plotting the dvh…

All is good now. Thank you

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@calvin.kohwy Thanks for the update! This looks like a bug (I think negative dose values should be treated as 0 during calculation). Does this occur in the latest preview version as well?

Yes, in the latest version, it happened as well!