Upcoming downtime for download.slicer.org and extension manager due to package server transition

Hi all:

Over the next two weeks, the Slicer development team at Kitware will be transitioning to new backend servers for hosting the Slicer installer packages and extensions. We are moving to a server built on the newer Girder platform for the backend and a vue.js based web application for the frontend. This will address EOL issues with the infrastructure, and significantly improve the download / extension manager experience for users.

As a result of this ongoing upgrade, during the next two weeks few months, we expect there will be some downtimes for the download.slicer.org and the extension manager. This post will be updated to include references to implementation details, describe how to test the new infrastructure and announce downtimes as they occur.


JC and Sam



To support the integration of the Slicer changes (see PR-5637), Slicer preview and nightly builds of August 11th have been delayed and are now in progress.

A more detailed report describing the changes will follow.