Unable to install extension - "Incompatible with Slicer r30110"

I tried and failed to install SlicerRadiomics extension with the current Slicer preview. Is it expected? Sorry if I missed announcements and migration guidelines. I searched, but not sure where I should search - the error is not particularly helpful in informing about how the issue can be remedied.

Thanks for the report, it is a side effect of Upcoming downtime for download.slicer.org and extension manager due to package server transition - #3 by jcfr, issue has been identified earlier today and I am currently working on this.

For reference, this is now tracked in Installed extensions are not loaded · Issue #5786 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub

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To follow up, issue has been fixed by the following pull-requests (Slicer >= r30117):