Uploading .VOX image


I have a .VOX image that I want to upload. Normally, I would convert the .VOX image into a stack of JPEGs, but it would be much more convenient to just upload it in the original format. Can I use the RawImageGuess Extension? What settings should I use in the extension? The image details are as follows:

VolumeSize 512 512 512

VoxelSize 16 microns

VolumePosition 0 0 0

VolumeScale 0.020 0.020 0.020


If the image is not compressed then you can load it with RawImageGuess. Do you have only a single image or you have a software that creates such files and you regularly want to open new files? What software creates Vox volume files? Do you have a reader in Python or C++ or specification of the format?


I actually ended up figuring things out with the person I work with.

Thank you for your response!

Would you mind letting us know what the solution was?