Uploading .VOX image


I have a .VOX image that I want to upload. Normally, I would convert the .VOX image into a stack of JPEGs, but it would be much more convenient to just upload it in the original format. Can I use the RawImageGuess Extension? What settings should I use in the extension? The image details are as follows:

VolumeSize 512 512 512

VoxelSize 16 microns

VolumePosition 0 0 0

VolumeScale 0.020 0.020 0.020


If the image is not compressed then you can load it with RawImageGuess. Do you have only a single image or you have a software that creates such files and you regularly want to open new files? What software creates Vox volume files? Do you have a reader in Python or C++ or specification of the format?


I actually ended up figuring things out with the person I work with.

Thank you for your response!

Would you mind letting us know what the solution was?

Sorry…I must have missed this message…but we stuck with using the JPEG stack for simplicity.