.vol file not loading

I’m trying to upload an ultrasound with a .vol extension. I don’t have more information like which machine was used to create the ultrasound or the software version used by the machine. When I load the scan it shows me the option to load it as a volume and then an error comes up.


The file doesn’t load as a GE/Kretz volume image. I’m not sure how to convert it into another format (like .mha or .nrrd). I’m also checking out other packages and softwares like TomoVision but no fruitful result so far.

.vol could mean anything since people may use it for arbitrary data formats.

If it happens to be an uncompressed volume then this might work:

I tried using RawImageGuess but it did gave a very weird output.

It looks like there might be an uncompressed image there (indicate by the diagonal patterns). You can try adjusting the guess parameters to see if you can get something workable.

You can enable detailed logging of DICOM loading by in menu → Edit / Application Settings / DICOM / Detailed logging → check. After this, click Examine and check the content of the application log.