Use a segmentation to create .stl file for 3D printing


I have been hitting my head against a wall and can’t figure out how to do
this. I think there is supposed to be a tutorial on this (
but the pdf tutorial file has been deleted.

I have a segment that has been generated by other software that I am
importing. It shows up in segmentations module:

It is the red “helmet”, “roughbolusdesign” segment.

This segment right now is just air.

Ideally all I want to do is export the red cap volume that is already being
displayed in the right window as an .stl file.

The only way I can find online is to do this through the editor module, but
the segmentation does not show up in the editor module.

Any help would be appreciated


Use the Export tool in Segmentations to create a model:

Then use File->Save and select output type as STL.

I’m not sure what happened to that tutorial, but there are some instructions in the “How To” section of the Segmentations module documentation:

Thanks for the quick reply.

My export tab seems to look different than yours? Is there some setting I
need to change?

It looks like that section was called “Copy/move segment (import/export)” in 4.6.2, but I think the functionality is the same. However, a general recommendation is to switch to the nightly slicer build – it has many improvements, and is stable enough for general use.

If I click the tutorial link, the PDF loads correctly. Maybe it was a temporary problem with the wiki file storage?

In the meantime it turned out that

  1. The PDF file was fixed manually, so it was not a temporary issue
  2. The STL file was also missing, which I uploaded again
    Maybe there are other files as well that were affected by an issue with the file storage system of the wiki? Can we find them somehow?

Implemented direct STL file export from segmentation - will be available in tomorrow’s nightly build.