Using Cordonics Files

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version:4.8.1
Expected behavior: import files
Actual behavior: unable to select top folder

I am trying to load files from Cordonics and when I select the top level folder the ‘import’ button doesn’t activate. It could be because if i load outside of 3d slicer I am prompted for a password and 3d slicer can’t recognise it?

I tried copying files manually to my laptop but all the files in each sub folder have the same name so it is a nightmare.

Then tried loading just one folder and it goes through the process and then says complete but 0 on everything.

Can you explain what Cordonics is?

Also what kind of data you expect to find (for example do you expect some kind of dicom files?)

Hi, it is a CT scan viewer. I have found a work round by copying each directory to my laptop from the cd and then import from there. Not ideal but it works, thank you.


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