Using python to save into .mrb file, got a warning message

output_file = os.path.join(file_dir, “test.mrb”)
I got the warnings from Slicer:[Qt] class QList<class qSlicerFileWriter *> __cdecl qSlicerCoreIOManagerPrivate::writers(const class QString &,const class QMap<class QString,class QVariant> &,class vtkMRMLScene *) const warning: Unable to find node with ID “” in the given scene.
How to solve this problem? Thanks a lot!

Try with incremental amounts of data in the scene. First empty, then with sample data, etc. and see what steps lead to a scene that leads to the error and let us know.

Thank you for the message. First empty and then with sample data, I still got the same warnings. Thanks!

Thanks for the report. I see that warning too, testing with my local build on mac. But at least for me slicer.util.loadScene reads back the file as expected so I think you can ignore the warning.

It would be good if you could file an issue on github for this and ideally someone with a debug build can step through and figure out why this is being triggered.

Alright! Thank you for the message!