Using Voilà on a Jupyter notebook with slicer


I’m using Voilà in a server web

It’s working when I use the command : “print(‘Hello world!’)”, the code is hide

But when I try to use Voilà with a notebook which open a SlicerApp I have an error message : ‘404: Not Found’

Capture d’écran 2020-11-22 à 12.39.31

Do you have any solution ?

Thanks in advance

You need to setup noVNC, similarly how it is done in the slicer-notebook docker image: SlicerDocker/slicer-notebook at master · Slicer/SlicerDocker (

Thank you very much for your reply

Dear M.Lasso,

I’m working on the same project as Pierre Busson, I have installed noVNC and have the docker container running the Jupyter notebook. I didn’t get what do I need to do next in order to have my Jupyter Notebook on Voilà?

I really appreciated your help,



noVNC window

Jupyter Notebook window

Hi, I am also stuck in the same problem. I have my jupyter notebook working fine with binder. However, on adding Viola, it leads to Error 404

This is how I am setting up binder with Voila

and here is the link of my repository.

Can anyone help me with this issue? thanks