Voila with slicerJupyter

Hi all,

Sorry, I am asking this question again as a new topic. I am trying to use Jupyter slicer to visualize my results and share it to some non-technical users. For this, I am planning to use Viola with a jupyter notebook.

First I have developed my Jupyter notebook (following @lassoan notebook : https://github.com/Slicer/SlicerNotebooks.git) which visualizes my results. It worked well.

Now I want to remove the code blocks from my notebook, so a user can directly interact with the results. For this I am trying to integrate voila with binder as follows:


but I am getting this error:

I think I am making some mistakes with the docker file or something. Can you please help me with this?

For your reference, my repository is:


I am still stuck in this problem,. I have been reading several articles, e.g:

it seems fairly easy to deploy your app with Voila, however I could not manage to do it yet. Has anyone tried this? Can anyone share any example?
For reference, the link of my repo is attached in my last message…


Hello, I have been trying other options. I came across with a Jupyer appmode: (GitHub - oschuett/appmode: A Jupyter extensions that turns notebooks into web applications.). The app mode is similar to what we have in voila, however, using appmode I could not be able to run Slicer Kernel. There are some problems with the Docker I think.

Can anyone help me with this?

the notebook could not find slicer Kernel.

Here is my repos for reference.

Thanks you.

Hi developers, Sorry for asking this question again…
Since it mentioned here, it seems a bit straightforward, however, I could not manage to deploy slicer jupyter with Voila…


Please let me know if that’s even possible?

Let’s put this first on the list or tomorrow’s developer hangout.

Thanks alot. I will discuss what I am up to and what options do I have. I seek your guidance and suggestions.

Thank you.