Validation papers for SlicerRT?

Hi @cpinter and @lassoan,

I am writing a manuscript where the methods are heavily based on SlicerRT.
I am citing your 2012 Medical Physics paper, for sure.
But I was wondering if any other papers have come out in the meantime which validate in some way the planning, calculation, etc functionalities of SlicerRT.



Thank you for the question and the consideration!

The dose comparison (gamma) algorithm is validated in this paper:
Alexander, K. M., Pinter, C., Fichtinger, G., Olding, T., & Schreiner, L. J. (2018). Streamlined open-source gel dosimetry analysis in 3D slicer. Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express , 4 (4), 045041.

I can’t think of any other formal validation done other than that of the DVH in the 2012 paper you mention and that of the gamma here above.

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