vascular characteristics

Hi All, First thank you so much for such an informative forum which was a great help.
After performing vessel segmentation on a new robust ultrasound images, and thanks to the help in this forum for making such a progress, my aim now is to obtain more information and specifications from the segmentation that I have obtained using only the Threshold segmentation effect.
I have read about using the Curve editor for obtaining the length and other measures , but didn’t work since Im working on 2D images where image plane were stacked and combined together to create a form of 3D functional image.
I have used the segmentation statistics but it only showed the overall volumes for the whole segmentation where I want more specified measures such as length, number and diameter of those vessels.
I have attached a screenshot so you could have a clear idea about the data Im working on.
Thank you again for such an incredibly thoughtful forum and hopefully I could get my problem solved with your help.