How to extract 3D vessels segmentation quickly and accurately?

I need to extract 3D vessels segmentation from 3d TOF MRA,I want to do that more quickly and accurately .Now I use threshold and islands in segment editor to that and my segmentation as follow.But is there a better way to do?

As a start I’d suggest oversampling the segmentation. Then you might try VMTK vesselness filtering and other tools.

Yes, oversampling is a good idea (if you need to segment thinner vessels and they are breaking up), and vesselness filtering can be useful too (to improve contrast of tubular structures in images). VMTK’s vessel segmentation methods only worked for me for very simple geometries (up to a few branches).

It seems that you get decent results with simple global thresholding and islands, which means that you would probably get even better results and faster by using “Local Threshold” effect (provided by SegmentEditorExtraEffects extension):

Thank for you help! :grinning:

hi~I click OK and I didn’t see any change?Is something wrong with me?

Hi,andras,Yes,I tried it follow the tutorial step by step,but I don’t see 3d segmentation,why?(I have clicked ‘show 3d’ button)

This is normal. Changing resolution does not change what you have already segmented, but if you apply smoothing or make further edits then you will see the effect of increased resolution.

You will not see any structures that are smaller than the minimum diameter. Decrease that value to 1-2mm or less.

okok~thanks! :blush: