Virtual reality not working

Operating system: Windows 10
Slicer version: 4.13

Hi all,

I recently updated my system and got a PC. However, after installing slicer and all the extensions, I found that VR icon is not working and shows a red cross. I tried using the instructions on how to set up mixed VR headset but to no result. The headset is working fine on my laptop but unable to do so on new PC. The specs of PC are all better than laptop so am not sure if something else needs to be done. Can someone pls provide suggestions on what may be missing in my system?

Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

Does it work with the latest stable release? I have a suspicion that we need to update OpenVR under SlicerVR but haven’t had the opportunity yet.

Hi Caaba,

I didn’t try the stable release version. Will get back on that after trying.