Virtual septoplasty in 3D slicer

For air flow simulation you probably need to create a volumetric mesh of the air, for example using SegmentMesher extension.

So I shouldn’t add tube ? I have made 3D model of nasal airways , but it is not hollow, Then what should i do?

If the goal is air flow simulation then segments must be solid (appear solid in slice views), because that is your simulation domain. You can export the segment either as a surface mesh (that is inherently hollow inside) or as a volumetric mesh (created by SegmentMesher extension).

What FEM software are you using? What input meshes can it accept?

I am using Ansys CFD software , for simulation purposes, Yes Ansys can import STL file , but how can I select different regions for boundary condition that is the main concern, Because it is difficult to select separately different regions in STL file

You can use the Dynamic modeler module to select or cut out a region from meshes. You can save selection scalars in vtk, vtp, and maybe in ply format, but Ansys most likely cannot import the scalars. So, probably the best is to save each region as separate mesh file.

You can then use various tools in Ansys to set the geometry, boundary conditions, loads. If nobody volunteers to describe the details here then you can ask on Ansys forums.

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Hello sir

I have some doubts regarding soft tissue deformation , when I am going to fiducial registration wizard and adding some points then performing deformation but when I am going to other coronal sections and adding some other sets of points for performing deformation then my previous deformation is getting lost (moving back to the original ) What to do in such cases ?Please help