Airway segmentation

Hi, I am new to 3D slicer and I am learning by trial and error airway segmentation so that I can design airway prosthesis (airway stents). I wish to 3D print the same after doing so. I haven’t been able to master it with accuracy. Any help with video links / ppts would be appreciated to do (airway segmentation) this as accurately as possible. Thank you in advance

Did you segment the airway and smoothing it from the DICOMs?

I have gone through tutorials and my workflow so far:

  1. Crop and identify ROI
  2. Segment Editor and create 2 segments one trachea and other
  3. Use paint and grow seed tools and create 3D

I am yet to learn to make it hollow and print it…

My plan is to use it to redesign tracheas with stenosis / tumors and be able to see if we could predict the end of procedure / prosthesis insertions like stents accurately to the anatomy

Can any of you help me with more steps to be able to do this better?


Your segmentation looks nice!

You say that your plan is to make it hollow.

  • First export it as a STL, which is hollow by itself because it’s only the surface.
  • Import the STL into a 3D-modeler (I use Blender).
  • Cut of the ends and than you’re left with a hollow construct.
  • Use a modifier (in Blender choose ‘Solidify’) and give the STL some thickness and you’re done.
  • Export as a STL for printing.

Are you using the airway segmentation function?
If I use THE 3D SLicer with integrated CIP, the error will not be reported. If I use the ordinary 3D SLicer and then load CIP, the error will not be reported. However, the 3D image cannot be displayed and further calculation cannot be carried out