Virus threat protection

Operating system:wINDOWS10
Slicer version:5.2.2
Won’t access database folder on my work computer because windows detected Slicer as a threat
Any ideas how I can fix this?

Slicer-5.2.2 was released a while ago and we have not heard from Microsoft blocking the application (and we would have reported this error to Microsoft if it happened). Therefore, if there are any restrictions then they come from your organization and they can lift it for you.

You can choose the DICOM database folder, so if that’s the only problem then you may be able to resolve it by yourself.

Hi Andras, thank you for the quick response. Yes, I expect it would be my organization then. It never used to give me any problems and just started happening today though. It is actually only the database folder as far as I can see. How could I fix that myself?
Thanks again.

You can select the database folder in the left panel of the DICOM module