Visualize BRAINS control points

Hi, I’m new in 3dslicer.
I would like to know if and how I can see the control points in BRAINS non-rigid B-spline registration. Where they are located in my images, and where the locked points are located. I think that looking at the transformation at Transforms shows the interpolated grid on the entire image, isn’t it?
(I’m using v4.8.1)


of course you can do that in slicer.

Great! Can you tell me how please? :slight_smile:

ok. I opened my slicer while I cannot do that for you now since just a old one slicer4.3.
Can you snap a pictrue from you computer under transform module.



Here, I want to know were were my “green” and “red” points, as they are shown in the FAQ explanations


what I think is you want transform in 3D by lick mouse, and I advise you open the selection “Visible in 3D view”.

Thanks so much for trying to help me. I did select visible in 3d, but this was not so helpful. I turned on the view original grid, and what Im looking for is which points were the moving points, that afterwards, the rest of the images was interpolated to them. here- like blue points that I draw, just a s a symbole. Since grid size is 12 12 12, there should be 12x12x12 points (as far as I understand how this works)


Transform visualization does not deal with internal details of transforms. If you want to see the control points, probably the easiest is to write a few-line Python script that places a markup fiducial at each control point (you can compute it from the B-spline grid size, origin, spacing, and orientation). You can then apply the transform to these markups to see the transformed points.

If you use thin-plate-spline transform instead of b-spline then you can also edit transforms in real-time by drag-and-dropping the markup fiducial points (using SlicerIGT extension’s Fiducial registration wizard module).

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Ok, Thanks so much!! :slight_smile: this is supper helpful.

@lassoan Thanks again! So, I don’t know if this is a legit request, so just say what you think. Would it be possible for you to write how to create the markup fiducials and how to display it ? If it’s not too much to ask.

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