Visualizing MRI data taken over time and taking cross sections

Hello all,

I’m new to using Slicer and have run into a couple issues regarding displaying MRI data. So I have multiple datasets I am working with, some of which are anatomical, taking cross sections over different sagittal planes. These frames display very readily in 3D Slicer, and I have had not issue with them. My issue arises when I attempt to display MRI data in the same plane, that has been taken over time. I tend to get a rhombus-shaped cross section that slides from left to right for a single time-point. See the attachment for an example. How can I have Slicer display the entire 300-frame set?
cross section MRI

ALSO, in the past I have used ImageJ for these analyses, but learned about Slicer and was hoping it had some capabilities I need for research. The first is, I want to determine changes in a very specific area of an MRI over time. Specifically, I want to draw a line through an organ and have it take the same line from all 300 frames in a data set and display them side-by-side. Is anything like that possible?

Thank you in advance!


In Slicer-4.11 and earlier, slice views are aligned to anatomical axes by default and you need to click “Rotate to volume plane” button to make it snap to the image slice’s orientation. In Slicer-4.13 (recent Slicer Preview Releases), when you click on the eye icon of a volume in Data module, the slice view is rotated to the image plane by default. You can also drag-and-drop a volume into a slice view to make that volume show up in that view, with the slice view orientation aligned with the image axis.

Thank you, Dr. Lasso, much appreciated!