VMTK extension tutorial

Dear all,

I search for VMTK tutorial but find a very few and that too not relevant with current version of Slicer (4.6 or 4.7).

Could any body suggest me the appropriate link for VMTK ?

Note* : I go through this link : https://na-mic.org/w/images/a/aa/VMTK_Slicer_3.6.3_Updated_OCT_2011.pdf , but not find appropriate.



There’s no updated tutorial, but the concepts from the older tutorial should still be valid for the new version.

@manish If you describe what specific step you are stuck then let us know and we’ll help.

Hi Pieper,


I am trying to follow the tutorial. Hoping for the best :slightly_smiling_face:

@lassoan, I am trying to get the coronal arteries. I get back to you if I did not succeed in my attempts.

Thanks for offering the help.


hello Lassoan,
I am new in Slicer and working with Slicer 4.10.1 and trying to go ahead with the example prepared in the available tutorial. For the Vesselness Filtering part, it is toooo different from the tutorial. I tried to filter the vessels by adjusting the variables but nothing happened. There is no “millimeter” option anymore and I do not have any clue about voxels. would you please direct me how to set all the parameters matter in this part of VMTK toolkit? I have attached the picture showing where I am.

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