VMTK issues in Slicer 4.6.2

I am using Slicer 4.6.2 in Fedora. I have installed Vmtk Slicer Module using the 3D Slicer extension wizard. But its not working ? Could anybody guide me to get success.

Message output by 3D-Slicer are as follows:

File “/home/saurabh/manish/DICOM/Slicer-4.6.2-linux-amd64/SlicerVMTK/lib/Slicer-4.6/qt-scripted-modules/VesselnessFiltering.py”, line 94, in setup
self.__seedFiducialsNodeSelector.markupsSelectorComboBox().noneEnabled = False
AttributeError: qSlicerSimpleMarkupsWidget has no attribute named 'markupsSelectorComboBox’
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/saurabh/manish/DICOM/Slicer-4.6.2-linux-amd64/SlicerVMTK/lib/Slicer-4.6/qt-scripted-modules/VesselnessFiltering.py”, line 236, in onMRMLSceneChanged
File “/home/saurabh/manish/DICOM/Slicer-4.6.2-linux-amd64/SlicerVMTK/lib/Slicer-4.6/qt-scripted-modules/VesselnessFiltering.py”, line 286, in restoreDefaults
self.__detectPushButton.checked = True
AttributeError: VesselnessFilteringWidget instance has no attribute ‘_VesselnessFilteringWidget__detectPushButton’



Please try the nightly.

Hi Norton,

Many Thanks for the reply!

But, when I am trying to download nightly from : http://download.slicer.org/bitstream/661661, downloading fails every time.

Could you comment on this?

Thanks once again!

Hi Manish -

I just tested and I can download from that link and Slicer runs fine on CentOS 7 machine. The VMTK extension installs and runs fine as well.

What error do you get downloading?


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Hi Pieper,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I also able to download and its working fine.

@Norton: Nightly works.

  • Manish
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