Volume Reconstruction Module in python

Hi 3D Slicer team,

I am trying to create a new module in python and for one of the functionalities that I want to implement I need as an input a reconstructed volume of live ultrasound data. I saw that I can reconstruct live data using the “Volume Reconstruction” module, however I was wondering if it is possible to implement that module, or the main functions of the module, in my new module, so most of the parameters are hardcoded and I only need to press a “start” button in my module to get the reconstructed volume.

Thanks in advance!

Volume reconstruction can be controlled outside of the module by setting parameters on the “vtkMRMLVolumeReconstructionNode”, and calling methods on the vtkSlicerVolumeReconstructionLogic.

In the case of live volume reconstruction, you would set the input image, ROI, and output volume and then call:


Thank you very much for the fast answer! It works :slight_smile:

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