Real-time 3D ultrasound volume reconstruction using SlicerIGT extension

3D Slicer’s SlicerIGT extension allows live data acquisition from a wide range of medical imaging, position tracking, and other devices and visualize and process the data in real-time.

We have recently implemented huge performance improvements in live 3D ultrasound image acquisition, which allows smooth, continuous reconstruction of high-resolution 3D ultrasound volumes, using inexpensive portable ultrasound and position tracker. For large volumes and performance-critical applications, the volume reconstructor can use all CPU threads or GPU acceleration (OpenCL). We have uploaded a short video of this new feature here:

Thanks to company sponsors and our awesome SlicerIGT developers @Sunderlandkyl and @ungi for making these available for the community.

Any questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.


This is awesome!

I would like to address an issue I had with an already recorded sequence. I loaded the sequence in Plus (providing the full path in the config file.)
Then I followed the steps as shown in the video. As a result, I do not get live reconstruction. Is it not supposed to behave the same as a real-time data acquisition and reconstruction scenario, given that Plus will replay the images from the sequence?

Also the button for “input sequence browser” does not work when chosen “Recorded sequence reconstruction” as an input method. Any input on this matter?

@Sunderlandkyl could you help out with this?

What is the exact issue that you are having when doing live volume reconstruction?

The images that you receive from Plus should have a transform applied to them, either by receiving them directly as in the correct coordinate system (ex. Image_Reference), or by applying the transforms within Slicer. If this is already done, then I will need some more information about your Slicer scene, Plus config file and data to determine what the issue is.

For the “Recorded sequence reconstruction”, I assume the reason that you cannot select a sequence browser is that you do not have a loaded sequence in Slicer.

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Hi, can you please tell me where I can find the Plus Server configuration file to perform a real-time 3D ultrasound volume recontruction using this SlicerIGT extension?

Perhaps you could try U-34 in SlicerIGT Tutorials (User tutorial | SlicerIGT) where sample data is also available.

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Thank you. I used that data and it worked

Dear Sir,

does this module(volume reconstruction)support the TEE living data or offline record data ?

there mabye a position tracking device.


It does continuous live recording and volume reconstruction. You can also feed pre-recorded data or reconstruct offline from pre-recorded data.

Thanks very much, I will try the TEE pre-recored data.