Volume rendering and multiplanar reconstruction

I am viewing my dicom files in 3D slicer and I notice that the images are stretched out in yz and xz plane, so in all the planes except the original image plane which is xy plane. I tried fiji imageJ as well but my images weren’t stretched here.
The values in the dicom header for slice thickness and pixel spacing are correct. I have a voxel size of 0.4x0.4x0.4 mm^3, so slice thickness is 0.4 and pixel spacing is [0.4 0.4] in my dicom header. What could have gone wrong? Are there any other attributes that I have to fill in?

Are you creating the DICOM headers yourself? Slicer does not use the “Slice Thickness” to set the slice spacing, see discussion here:

I created the dicom headers myself.
I see I defined my ImagePositionPatient incorrectly. Problem is fixed now, thanks a lot!

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