Volume Rendering - Lung Vessels segmentation without contrast

Hello everyone!

I’m working on my doctorate involving quality in lung resections. For that, I’m segmenting some Lung CT without IV contrast. Sometimes I use volume rendering to help the segmentation process (an excellent suggestion from @rbumm ). I usually create a new volume with the lung using the Slipt Volume after the Lung CT Segmenter. However, the external space always makes visualization difficult. Is there a way to make this adjustment?

If the grey box it’s what bothers you I think you can get rid of it by using a fill value of -1024

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When using either Split Volume or Mask Volume, you need to set the background value to the background value of your datasets. By default it is 0, but for signed datasets this can be a negative value like -1024 (or lower, depends on the data type and reconstruction settings) as @mau_igna_06 mentioned.

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Thanks a lot! That works! I set the background value to -3024.
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Very nice, @Eserval. Any new tricks on this one? How do you split the volume so cleanly?

Thanks @rbumm!

1- I use de Lung CT segmenter
2- A litte manual work pinting the mediastinal part of hilar structures in the lung mask to include it.
3- Sometimes litte island from chest wall are included in the mask, so I create a new mask copied from lung mask and aply a little Shrink with the Margin tool.
4- I use the split volume to create the new volume from the new created mask. To set the background value I used the Local Treshold to find the correct value.

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