Volume rendering synchronize with volumes

Problem report for Slicer 4.11.0-2019-11-21 win-amd64.
Hi, I would like to report a behavior that, if it is not a bug, it is really unhelpful and confusing.
When I check the synchronize with volumes module at the advanced tab of the volumes rendering module, if the checkbox is not grayed, the synchronization does not work. i.e.

With this state, the box is with a white background, the synchronization does not work. If I uncheck and check again the checkbox (or click the label), the box is then grayed and the sync works.


I’ve clicked the label of the checkbox a number of times and seeing the checkbox checked, I figured it was supposed to sync with the volumes module, went over the volumes module and it was not.
Can we send a signal to uncheck the checkbox if the label is clicked while the checkbox is checked?
I believe this will end this confusion once and for all. I see the utility in clicking the label and making it sync once with the volumes module and keep it unsynched.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I agree that the behavior is confusing. We have added automatic pushing of the button a few places but we will implement this behavior in the widget itself so that it is applied everywhere. Added an issue in the bugtracker to track this: https://issues.slicer.org/view.php?id=4717