Volume Rendering when SetUseDepthPeeling(True) disappeared in Windows OS

Hello, everyone, recently I find a situation abount different volume rendering performance between Windows and Linux OS.

I would to realize volume rendering in the 3d view, sometimes I would display surface rendering and volume rendering at the same time. To confirm the depth information correctly, I would use the setting parameters, SetUseDepthPeeling(True).

But the difference occurs, If in Linux system, the volume rendering will be displayed as expected. But in Windows system, the volume rendering will not display, eventhough I move the mouse on the 3d View.

Then I switch to “View Controllers” module, unchecked “Use depth peeling” , then the volume rendering will displayed as expected. After that, even I checked the “Use depth peeling” again, the volume rendering will displayed all time.

So to my confusion, why in Windows system, when SetUseDepthPeeling(True), the volume rendering will not displayed as expected, but in Linux, all is right.

here is the View Controllers module, and the Use depth peeling checkbox.

Any advice will be appreciated!
And thanks to @lassoan @muratmaga @pieper @cpinter in advance, expect to your
professional answer and advices.

I remember encountering this issue (you need to disable and re-enable depth peeling for volume rendering to work). If you can reproduce it with the latest Slicer Preview Release then please submit a bug report to https://issues.slicer.org. Thank you!

Thanks, now I used Slicer version is Slicer-4.13.0-2022-01-16-linux-amd64, and windows version is built by source codes one years ago.

I want to know the problem is occured by different GPU version, such as in Linux, I use Nvidia 1080 GPU, bu t in Windows, I use intel UHD Graphics driver, or any other reason.

And I will use the latest Slicer Preview Release as you recommend and try to reproduce this bug.

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