VR headset for Slicer

Hello, what is the best VR headset you recommend for Slicer, that uses outside-in tracking?

Thank you!

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I would recommend a classic HTC Vive, as it is well proven, has moderate hardware requirements, not expensive, and least likely to run into compatibility issues. Any other OpenVR-compatible headsets should work, too, there may be just slight complications or inconveniences.

Why do you need external tracking?

Thank you! Which VR headset would you recommend for inside-out tracking for Slicer? I made a mistake before, we are looking for inside-out, not outside-in. Thank you for your help.

We started using Windows Mixed Reality headsets in our lab (manufacturers Acer, HP, etc. make it). They have the same image quality as the regular HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but are much more convenient because they have fewer cables and gadgets. Cheaper as well.