Which HMD is better for Slicer 3D VR,?

I want to initiate in surgical planning using 3D slicer VR extension, I know that compatible HMD are HTC vive, Oculus Rift, but there are new versions for these HMD. So there is any consideration that I have to know before buying these new versions?
The new version Oculus Rift S is compatible with 3D Slicer Vr extension, the same question comparing HTC vive vs vive Pro?
Thank you

All the new versions of the headsets are compatible, too. You need to look for PC-based “SteamVR” compatibility.

Even standalone, lower-cost wireless VR headsets are usable (they just provide somewhat lower refresh rate and image quality and of course you still need a desktop that runs Slicer). @Sunderlandkyl has tested this recently.

Note that if you use higher-resolution devices, such as HTC Vive Pro then you need to drive it with much stronger hardware.