What can be done with the FMA data?


Good morning Mister Halle,

I have been trying to understand where the 3D files (https://dbarchive.biosciencedbc.jp/en/bodyparts3d/download.html) were coming from and why they had not been used to create a user-friendly open source anatomy atlas. As I study Blender and the anatomy for several years, I need to know if it makes sense for me to try and put the things together through a crowdfunding campaign in order to work on it under the Creative Common licence.

I would like to see the dicom that they have used to produce these 3D files and to make sure if the 3D files shared through the ‘Life Science Database Archive’ website are the latest version, of if the files have been updated and can be downloaded somewhere else. My problem is that the Foundational Model of Anatomy (FMA) group uses a SPARQL request method to share their content and I have never used it. If you could give me a good advice about it, it would be very appreciated: http://si.washington.edu/content/summary-fma-resources.

Some pages of the new site of the FMA can only be reached with a login and it does not have any signup page. I wrote them about that and wait for their answer.

Thank you for your attention,