What input does slicer take?

Operating system: Windows
Slicer version: 4.10.0
Expected behavior: N/A
Actual behavior: N/A

What file type input does 3D Slicer take in? and what can it produce?
As one example could 3D Slicer take JPEG or TIFF?

Slicer can take a wide range of data types, including regular image formats you mention.

Here’s a tutorial about data loading and visualization:
And here’s another page that may help:

What would you like to do exactly?

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I would like to take a series of jpeg and/or tiff images that are stacked together, similar to the way MRI images are ordered, in order to segment. I just wanted to know if 3D Slicer allowed such images.

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See this FAQ about how to import jpeg/tiff stack as a volume:


Thank you will try! I’ll let you know what happens.