when I set voxelBased=True and calculate the featureclass of glcm,I meet some problems.

extractor = featureextractor.RadiomicsFeatureExtractor('.yaml')
result = extractor.execute(image, mask, voxelBased=True)
for key, val in six.iteritems(result):
    if isinstance(val, sitk.Image):
        shape = (sitk.GetArrayFromImage(val)).shape
        print('feature_map shape is ', shape)
        sitk.WriteImage(val,r'C:\Users\feature'+'/'+key+'.nrrd', True)
    Wavelet: { } }
     glcm: ['ClusterProminence']
    binWidth: 40

I am currently working on radiomic feature extraction using voxel-based analysis with the parameter voxel-base=True. When I attempt to calculate features such as gldm and firstorder, everything runs smoothly. However, when I try to calculate the glcm feature, I encounter an error.

When I set the binWidth to a larger value, the program doesn’t output anything, and PyCharm displays the message “Process finished with exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005).” Conversely, when I set the binWidth to a smaller value, I receive a MemoryError.

I’m wondering if this issue might be due to my computer’s limited memory (16GB). The size of my original image is 17088170, and the size of the tumor mask is 424045.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this problem and suggest a potential solution? Thank you in advance for your assistance!