Voxel extraction , Calculation of GLSZM Failed

Hi everyone ,
I’m trying to calculate the value of Glszm feature using voxel based extraction.
But I got this erro :IndexError: Calculation of GLSZM Failed.
The setting used are :
kernelRadius: 2
maskedKernel: true
initValue: nan
voxelBatch: 10000
This just occurred me with glszm feature, instead with glcm the extraction works.
Thanks to anyone who will help me .

Sorry for the late reply. This was a known issue and has since been fixed in the latest PyRadiomics release (3.0.1). Did you try with the latest version?

Hi Joost,
right now I’m just using the glcm features in voxel based extraction. I remembered that I tried to upload it but was the newest version, and the problem still occurred. I will let you know when I will try again with glszm features.