Where to announce weekly hangout / agenda?

I think Announcements category should be reserved for important news (releases, major events, etc) to keep traffic limited. By default all forum members will get announcements in email.

Weekly developer tcon should be probably best fit into Developer category.

Makes sense. I just changed the category from “Announcement” to “Development” and removed the “Announcement” tag.

I have to say I don’t agree with Andras here. I thought the weekly hangout is intended as the place where both developers and users can come to discuss Slicer-related issues (and this is what the subject of the topic says). I definitely think this belongs to the Announcements, or Community category.

What about a topic “hangout” under Communities or a topic “hangout” under Announcement ?

My vote is Community category (or Events or Meetings or simply Hangouts).

I agree with Andrey in that Development is too strict for the hangouts, and users could be discouraged from joining.

And I agree with Andras in that Announcement should be reserved for big news items, and not weekly recurring events, because then the hangouts would litter the category and the actual announcements would be hard to find.

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:thumbsup: I renamed “Communities” to “Community”, and things like this could be posted at the top level (example: the original topic from which this was split, Weekly Hangout for Slicer user and developer). I think the sub-categories “Community / SlicerSALT” “Community / SlicerCMF”, etc. still make sense (but if someone doesn’t like that we can rename it back and find a different place).

I often help users and those discussions are very different from the ones we have at developer meetings:

  1. There is rarely any discussion on a developer meeting where regular user’s inputs are required. If we need user feedback then we need that from many users, not just from one or a few.
  2. Simple questions can be answered in the forum, more complex things take more time to discuss/explain/walk through. I don’t want to make 4 developers wait while 1 developer guides somebody through the solution of a complex problem.

I think it’s best to keep developer meeting as is and manage user support separately. User support can be primarily forum/email-based, with occasional one-to-one session with desktop sharing, etc. Maybe what we could do is to have on-line thematic Q&A sessions or tutorials, where a group of users interested in a certain topic could talk to developers.

Do you know if I add the Community category “watch” list then all the subcategories will be watched, too (get notitication about SlicerCMF, SlicerSALT posts)?

According to this thread, watching is separate for categories and subcategories:


edit: confirmed with some test messages.

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